Saturday, October 28, 2006


Our last day on Saturday was spent in Delhi a microcosm of India as a whole. There is every level of life here from the very rich to those living on the pavements. The one thing that all have in common is the poor air quality, which is quite frankly awful. A smog hangs over this huge city of 15+m, making breathing a less than pleasant experience. Many buildings to see and New Delhi is very English in design and layout which is no surprise as it was designed by a brit. The contrast between old and new can best be seen by a rickshaw ride through the narrow streets of the old town. Very very narrow passages with tiny shops no more than 4 feet wide and stacked with an assortment of clothes, jewels, food etc. Overhead hangs a mass of cables, many mains electricity all held together with string and a prayer. Mixed into this cocktail is the main centre for fireworks!!! How this part of town has not exploded is a mystery to me.

Now back at airport and through all the security and just waiting for the flight home. India is a  facinating country of massive contrasts, noise, smells, poverty, food, language, cultures and of course religion, some of which I still can't get my head around.


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