Friday, October 27, 2006

Farewell dinner

Sad though it was we enjoyed a wonderful candle lit dinner in the main courtyard of the Palace Hotel. This morning (Friday) we spent on our own just wandering around the town, after waving farewell to 2 of our party who are off for 3 days in a tent somewhere!  Udaipur seems a nice place and somewhat more affluent than other places we have visited. My new handmade silk Jodhpur jacket arrived as promised last night after slight alterations to the sleeves. June spotted a flaw in the material on the front which I had missed, they made a new leftside front of the jacket in 3 hours this morning, returning it to the hotel just before we left for the airport. It is now perfect, amazing work.
At the airport now and have a delay so will not get to Delhi until 1900hrs tonight. We have a full day in Delhi tomorrow so still time for more Indian surprises.


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