Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Indian Railways

As promised an update on the train journey to the City of Love (Agra). The journey itself was fairly uneventful and rather like a budget airline. Water and tea  were included in the price. You were given your own flask of hot water and a tea bag and off you go! The station and the fight to get on the train was another story. Where to start? Well let's talk beggers, or to be more accurate very young children and babies. A pitiful sight, but one it is impossible to do anything about. Then the station with yet more cows on the line this time and dogs and rats etc. Then the train arrives, on time and the scrum begins. June performed like Martin Johnson, felling one German and probably incapacitating several natives. Our tour guide, a slight man of 7 stones could not believe his eyes!! All those years of tube travel in London coming in handy. Although the trains in the UK are now crap this is the one thing we left in India, trains that run on time. We duly arrived in Agra on time and with all baggage in tack, amazing!


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