Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Road to Orchha.

This should really be titled the road to Mandalay!! What a day. I thought the rickshaw ride was exciting but this journey was something else. Now you have to imagine traffic in both directions travelling at break neck speed but both using the middle of the road. Well there really is only the centre anyway. So you have the picture, coach in one direction doing 60, huge truck loaded with the population of Wembley coming the other way at 65. Remember the game chicken? And this went on for 4 hours, bikes, people, cows, goats and cars * all sent flying in every direction. I've paid a pretty Penny at Disney for a ride like this!!  Now after visiting the Palaces at Orchha we are on train from Jhansi to Agra. I will report on this later as I just need to recover from the fight to get on the train-and that's another story altogether. * Oh and yes I forgot to mention the herd of camels (300+)


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